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Sunday, October 4, 2009


Annyeong haseyo~

Okay, I'm going to explain how this site (blog) works..

This site is mainly for people who want to learn Korean..
But I'm introducing on how to learn Korean in a different way..
The question is, how?

Look, I know most of you guys out there who want to learn Korean are K-Pop lovers, so I found a way to learn Korean vocab... By learning them from the lyrics!!

I found that this way is quite effective in adding your vocab, because:
1. It's from a song that you listen to over and over, so it sticks to your brain more easily
2. If the word was used in a song, then it means the word is commonly used, and so, the words that you learn are more useful
3. You can learn the spelling from the words, too ^^

So, I'm going to grab some lyrics (Hangul, Romanization, Translation) from the other sites (Don't worry, I won't forget to credit ^^), and I'm going to put in the vocabulary list right next to it. Simple, right?

Now, I'm not just going to put in all of the K-Pop songs, but rather, the ones that I like, and the ones that are popular..

Although I like FT Island, Wonder Girls, 2NE1, Big Bang, and 2PM (PLUS Jaebeom oppa!!), I'm going to choose the stars from the number one entertainment company in Korea, SM Entertainment.

Also, SM has a lot of stars, so I'm going to choose the ones that are at peak right now, which are TVXQ, Super Junior, SHINee, SNSD, f(x), and songs that the whole SM Town sing together.

This is an example of what I'll do.. This is SNSD's Genie Chorus..

그래요 난 널 사랑해
Geuraeyo nan neol saranghae
That's right, I love you
언제나 믿어
eonjena mideo
You can always believe in me
꿈도 열정도
Ggumdo yeoljeongdo
Dreams, passions
다 주고 싶어
da jugo shipeo
I want to give them all to you
난 그대 소원을 이뤄주고 싶은 (싶은)
nan geudae sowoneul irwojugo shipeun (shipeun)
I'm wanting to answer your wishes
행운의 여신
haengoonui yeoshin
Your goddess of fortune
소원을 말해봐
sowoneul marhaebwa!
Tell me your wish

Then, I'll list the vocabulary and the meanings
그래/그래요 - Geurae/Geuraeyo - That's right, yeah
 - Nan - I, me
 - Neol - You
사랑해 - Saranghae - I love, to love

언제나 - Eonjena - Always
믿어 - Mideo - Belief, Believe, Trust

 - Ggum - Dream
열정 - Yeoljeong - Passion

 - Da - All
주고 - Jugo - Give
싶어 - Shipeo - I want to, want

그대 - Geudae - You
소원 - Sowon - Wish
이뤄주고 - Irwojugo - *coming soon, I haven't got this one yet*
싶은 - Shipeun - Want

행운 - Haengun - Good luck, Good fortune
 - Un - Luck
여신 - Yeoshin - Goddess

말해/말해봐 - Marhae/Marhaebwa - Tell, Tell me

I'll pretty much be doing this for all the songs, so please be patient with me, cause it's not as easy as it looks >_<
Trust me, color coding can be extremely annoying sometimes..

Oh, finally, I take requests. As long as the songs are sung by the stars I pointed out (officially), I'll do my best to put it in this site (blog)..

Okay then, annyeong (bye)!!

I look forward to your participation ^^

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