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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Romanization Guide

I understand that there are different types of romanizing Korean letters (한굴 'han.gul'), but I'm going to romanize it according to the way I use it, which is the Revised Romanization of Korean authorized by the Korean Government.

Some basic rules I follow when romanizing Korean letters 한굴 'han.gul':
1. Words are romanized according to sound rather than to Korean spelling
2. When necessary, a dot (.) is used to mark the syllable boundary to clear up the pronounciation

Let's start with the consonants...
Simple Consonants:
ㄱ g, k
ㄴ n
ㄷ d, t
ㄹ r, l
ㅁ m
ㅂ b, p
ㅅ s
ㅇ ng
ㅈ j
ㅊ ch
ㅋ k
ㅌ t
ㅍ p
ㅎ h

Double consonants:
ㄲ kk
ㄸ tt
ㅃ pp
ㅆ ss
ㅉ jj

Now for the Vowels...
Simple Vowels:
ㅏ a
ㅓ eo
ㅗ o
ㅜ u
ㅡ eu
ㅣ i
ㅐ ae
ㅔ e
ㅚ oe
ㅟ wi

Compound Vowels:
ㅑ ya
ㅕ yeo
ㅛ yo
ㅠ yu
ㅒ yae
ㅖ ye
ㅘ wa
ㅙ wae
ㅝ wo
ㅞ we
ㅢ ui

Reading Romanized Korean:
Now, if you're Indonesian, this would be extremely easy for you, because Indonesian's pronunciations are exactly the same as how the romanizations are supposed to sound. But since I consider that most of you aren't, these are the guides:

eo, eu, ae and oe are single vowels in romanized Korean as shown below. Therefore, please pay special attention to the romanization to not read them as two different vowels. I also find that people are confused with u and read it as 'you'. It's not! Some common vowels that might confuse you are...
a ah, father (but shorter)
eo bird, serve
o ball, pore (but shorter)
u shoe, school (but shorter)
eu broken, golden
i bee, sheep (but shorter)
ae apple, bad
e bed, egg
oe wet, welcome

I don't think that people will have much trouble with this one. But just to clear things up, I'll post it up anyway...
kk ski, sky (k after s)
tt steak, sting (t after s)
pp speak, spy (p after s)
ss sea, sir (s before a vowel)
jj bridge, midget (similar to a tutting sound in an exhaling way)

Anyways, since you're learning from songs, you might as well listen to the song while reading the guide. That's what guides are for, right? ;)
My recommendation is for you to memorize reading the Korean letters (한굴 'han.gul'). You're going to be learning the language, so shouldn't you be learning how to read it, too?

Oh, and for some of you who are enemies of romanization, meaning you don't want to see guides with romanizations because it's too confusing or you want to practice reading 한굴 'han.gul' "Korean letters", I'll create two versions of the guides from now on =)

Well, I hope this romanization guide helps you.
Happy learning! ^^

Please comment and credit if you take these out!
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